A balancer is born

The Microbalance went from concept in 2006 to reality in 2007 and was created to balance small gas turbine rotors.  I had an application where the only options were to buy outdated equipment or spend over $10,000 for a new system.  I took the long road and just built my own system which was probably the most insane option over the used equipment or the expensive new stuff.  The idea was simple, collect the data with hardware, pass that data over USB to a standard desktop or laptop computer to crunch numbers and interface with the user.  I realized that I had filled a gap in the market, a low cost entry level balancing system which is simple and gets the job done.

This has been quite a learning experience and I am very thankful for my first customers who took their chances and were willing to try something completely new.  If you are considering purchasing a Microbalance I'm proud to say that we have never had a unit come back from any type of failure.   There is no strategy to try to continue to profit off an existing customer with expensive replacement parts, options or "upgrades".
 If for some reason your balancer fails, we will work with you to get you back going as soon as possible.  If and when there is newer software available with additional features, you get it at no cost.