Features and specs

  • Windows XP, Vista,  and Windows 7 compatible on almost any laptop or desktop PC
  • RPM range from 100-8000  
  • Amplitude readout in acceleration(g), velocity(in/sec) 
  • Easy step by step prompts for each balancing procedure
  • Built in database to store balancing history
  • Single plane, static couple separation, and two plane methods
  • Vector split calculation for fans and rotors with limited weight placement
  • Time domain waveform of each plane for visual identification of unbalance, noise, and phase stability
  • Averaging of samples to increase stability and accuracy
  • DSP bandpass filtering to reduce unwanted frequencies
  • USB powered, no external power required
  • Uses standard  A-B connection, 5v, 100ma max
  • Screen resolution 1024x768
  • Compatible with industry standard ICP accelerometers
  • 2 channel input with BNC connectors
  • Max sampling rate 13.3 Khz
  • Phase reference output 12 volts max 35ma current
  •  Laser phase reference datasheet click here
  • Accelerometer data sheet click here 


  • Microbalance signal acquisition hardware
  • Laser phase reference with cable and connector
  • 2 100 mv/G ICP accelerometers with integral cable and BNC connectors
  • Microbalance 2.6 software


  • Accelerometer magnets
  • Accelerometer mounting pads
  • Magnetic base for laser